Discussion on the core list and generic unit data.
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Post by ThePaintingBunker » Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:23 pm

Hi all,

I thought I'd post up a few remarks regarding the rules for the Mastodon for discussion.*

This is the stat line today:


The areas I'd like to table for discussion are:
1. the effect of the "Melta array" in an AP/AT role and against so-called 'immobile targets' (read fortifications);
2. the Don's CC and FF value;
3. the "command vox relay' upgrade; and
4. the DC allocation.

Relevantly, I've included the 28mm Mastodon stats and special rules as a reference/guide.

I'll conclude with what I think the Mastodon's stat line ought to look like.

1. The Melta Array.
So in 28mm this weapon system will totally wreck any non-superheavy armoured vehicles day.
It has a 12" range, the melta special rule, Heavy 4, 3" blast template and the stone burner special rule.
In essence, this weapon system is what the Mastodon uses to penetrate a fortifications walls to deliver its cargo. It's very close range however, not really being effective unless it's within 6". Arguably at 12" it'll smoke most light vehicles (or a squadron thereof - by virtue of its 4 x 3" templates at s9 AP 1. It'd be like being hit by 4 multi-meltas, but with templates.

Accordingly, this weapon ought to look like a BP(MW) in EA, but with a very short range, and no indirect fire capability.

2. CC and FF value.
The enhanced defensive fire special rule 28mm essentially provides that as long as the Mastodon has troops inside it, the Mastodon may overwatch fire at BS 2, and increases the amount of automatic hits the heavy flamers produce. To reflect this in EA, the FF and CC values ought to be lowered to reflect that capability. Namely, assaulting the Mastodon is a risky affair, as it is quite capable of defending itself, even with troops embarked.

3. The 'command vox relay' upgrade.
The 28mm rules provide 'the skyreaper battery may be exchanged for a command vox relay' [for x points]
To reflect the purpose of this rule in EA, the owner player may, before the game commences, replace the skyreaper with a command vox relay which confers the Exploratory Augury Web special rule.

4. DC allocation.
I know this is a much bigger discussion, however I want to make my contribution to it here. An Imperial Guard superheavy tank, like the Baneblade has 9 hull points (HP) in 28mm. Accordingly, it has 3DC in EA. A Legion Fellblade [chassis] in 28mm has 12 HP. Accordingly (recently upgraded) it has 4DC in EA. The Mastodon has 10 HP in 28mm. Erring on the side of caution, consideration must be given to whether 3DC accurately reflects its translation from 28mm to EA scale. This argument is strengthened by the provisions of the reinforced shell special rule in 28mm.

I propose the following stat line for the Mastodon:


Stone Burner - when the Mastodon is ordered to Engage an immobile target, then the Siege Melta Array is a MW(1+D3) 2+. If the immobile target is successfully destroyed, the Mastodon becomes immobile in the target. Thereafter, any friendly unit may move/engage through the Mastodon to the other side of the immobile target.**

Lets hear your comments/remarks



*Disclaimer: I have 3 now and I want to use them, but the current rules for them are inadequate, so I want to get them improved.
** I concede that this special rule needs work. My intent is to reflect the notion that the Mastodon's primary purpose is to burn a hole in a fortification (which it would then be lodged in, forming a sort of bridged/entry point into said fortification) and then disgorge the embarked troops to assault enemy defenders on the other side of the fortifications wall. I'm still not 100% of how this works and would be reflected in the activation sequence of EA. (it's just one engage action I believe, with the Mastodon 'firing' first?)

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Re: Mastodon

Post by curze » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:25 pm

Hey mate, thanks for posting and your ideas on the Mastodon. I've incorporated some already and we will work through playtesting some of the more difficult concepts you suggest, such as the siege melta and the transport mechanic.

To support the Mastodons role as a siege machine, I also need to look at targets for it, which boils down to fortifications, which would need some work as well to give the Mastodon some juicy targets to face hug.

Stand by for the latest release of the Legion lists for the Mastodon changes.

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